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Taiyaki / たい焼き

Taiyaki are fun fish-shaped cake snacks that are a very popular street food, particularly during summer festivals! Growing up spending summers in Japan, I have lots of fond memories around Japanese summer festivals called Natsumatsuri. Aside from the beautiful lanterns, taiko drums, and festival games, I have so many good […]


Tokoroten / ところてん

Next in my Japanese Summer Noodle Series is Tokoroten. These refreshing, fun jelly noodles are extremely unique and refreshing! Noodles made of jelly may sound weird, but I highly recommend giving Tokoroten a chance! While many people outside of Japan aren’t familiar with this dish, it’s a popular and traditional […]


Mizu Shingen Mochi (Raindrop Cake) / 水信玄餅

Raindrop Cake, or Mizu Shingen Mochi, looks just like a single raindrop on a plate. This simple but refreshing water-based dessert is perfect for a hot summers day. I still can’t get over how *cute* this dessert is! Japanese desserts always tug at my heartstrings since many reflect the seasons […]


Hiyashi Chuka with Sesame Sauce / ごまだれ冷やし中華

Next in my Japanese Summer Noodle Series is my favorite kind of Hiyashi Chuka (chilled ramen noodles): with Sesame Sauce! Hiyashi Chuka, or chilled ramen, is one of the most popular summer noodle dishes in Japan. I previously posted a Hiyashi Chuka recipe with a soy sauce based dressing, which […]


Japanese Iced Coffee / アイスコーヒー

Brewing hot drip coffee directly onto ice: the Japanese Iced Coffee! Easy, quick, and delicious. What is Japanese Iced Coffee? Japanese style iced coffee is coffee that drip brewed directly onto ice. You can use a pour over or even an electric coffee brewer – just make sure to put […]